The two double rows on the right were planted May 8, the two on the left on May 15. This picture was taken on May 29th, so they are 3 and 2 weeks old. This is the 3rd planting of sweet corn on May 28th, 6 days after it was planted on May 22nd.
This blue corn was planted on May 8th, and is considerably taller than the sweet corn planted the same day. Both were 3 weeks old the day of this picture, May 29th. And see what a difference a day makes - May 29th!
Sweet Corn - 1st planting on June 15th 1st planting Early Golden Bantam on June 25th
July 3rd July 3rd.
This is where the sweet corn meets the taller blue corn on July 10th. A close-up of where the pollen comes from - July 3rd.
This is the corn patch from the west, showing where the sweet corn meets the taller blue on July 25th. And this is where the pollen goes. This is the corn silk that you strip off the ears of corn along with the husks when you prepare it for cooking. Each one of these fine hairs acts as a conduit for a pollen spore that falls from the top of the stalk. A kernel of corn forms at the base of each hair.
  July 25th and another week or so to ripe!